Why LinkedIn is the King of Fresh Data & How to Scrape It Safely with Golden Leads

Are you a sales professional or marketer looking to generate leads? LinkedIn is the best source of professional information compared to any other database-selling platform or service. Businesses that leverage this valuable data for their marketing strategies and lead generation stay ahead of the curve. We will explore why LinkedIn is the best source of user data and how you can access LinkedIn without limits:

The Key Reasons Why LinkedIn is the Best Source of User Data

User-Generated and User-Maintained Data

Unlike many other data sources like ZoomInfo, Apollo, and Cognism, LinkedIn is unique because it’s user-generated and user-maintained. It means users create and update their profiles, making the data more accurate, fresh, and up-to-date. LinkedIn users take their profiles seriously as they showcase their qualifications, skills, work experience, and achievements. Their information is comprehensive and reliable. This data is invaluable for businesses because it allows them to target their audience.

Comprehensive and Varied Data Points

LinkedIn users provide comprehensive and varied data points, including their work history, education, location, interests, and skills. This information provides a 360-degree view of a user’s professional life, making it easier for businesses to target the right audience. For example, a marketing agency can target professionals with specific skills or industry experience to pitch their services. Similarly, recruiters can use LinkedIn’s user data to find and connect with suitable candidates.

Stays Fresh and Up-to-Date

Another significant advantage of LinkedIn’s user data is that it stays fresh and up-to-date. Users are encouraged to update their profiles regularly to reflect their current employment status, skills, and achievements. LinkedIn data is constantly changing, making it more relevant and valuable for businesses. In contrast, many other data sources, such as ZoomInfo, Apollo, and Cognism, rely on scraping and storing data, which can quickly become stale and outdated. LinkedIn is an ideal source for businesses that need real-time data to support their decision-making.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

LinkedIn’s user data is easy to access and use. The platform provides various search filters and tools to help users find the right audience for their needs. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, for example, offers advanced search features to help businesses target their ideal audience based on job title, location, industry, and other criteria. This ease of use makes it simple for companies of all sizes to leverage LinkedIn’s user data for their marketing and sales strategies.

These are some reasons why LinkedIn is the KING of new user data. On the other hand, the data sources like ZoomInfo, Apollo, and Cognism scrape LinkedIn for user data and store it. However, this stored data becomes stale quickly with the ever-changing user landscape. So, relying on these tools can dent your business as you may end up using outdated data. LinkedIn data is the best platform to generate leads and grow your business.

However, scraping data from LinkedIn can be expensive and risky, especially for non-sophisticated users.

The Key Reasons Why Scraping Data from LinkedIn is Not a Cakewalk

LinkedIn prohibits using web scraping tools to extract data from its platform. Therefore, scraping data from LinkedIn may violate its terms of service, leading to account suspension or legal action.

Secondly, LinkedIn employs various anti-scraping measures to detect and prevent web scraping activities on its platform. These measures may include IP blocking, CAPTCHA challenges, and other techniques that can prevent tools of scraping from accessing LinkedIn data.

Moreover, scraping data from LinkedIn requires sophisticated technical skills and tools, which can be expensive to acquire and maintain. As LinkedIn updates its platform and anti-scraping measures regularly, it can take time to keep up with the changes and maintain scraping tools accordingly.

Another risk of scraping data from LinkedIn is the possibility of extracting outdated or inaccurate data. As LinkedIn data is user-generated and user-maintained, there is a risk of storing obsolete or false information on the platform. Therefore, it is essential to have proper data validation and verification mechanisms in place to ensure the accuracy of scraped data.

In addition, LinkedIn data scraping can be time-consuming, especially if you are trying to glean large amounts of data. It can lead to increased costs in terms of time and resources required.

This is where Golden Leads comes in.

Golden Leads – A Super Safe Way to Scrape LinkedIn Data Without Limits

Golden Leads is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows users to safely and efficiently scrape LinkedIn (Sales Navigator) data with no limits.

With Golden Leads, businesses and individuals can tap into LinkedIn’s vast network of users to find potential leads, prospects, and customers. One of the key benefits of using Golden Leads is that it eliminates the risk of getting banned from LinkedIn for scraping data. The platform uses advanced algorithms to ensure that all data is scraped safely and complies with LinkedIn’s terms of service. Moreover, it allows you to build unlimited lead lists and identify open profiles and hidden active users, all with zero risk of getting banned.

Let’s explore in detail the benefits of Golden Leads that make it the perfect choice for scraping LinkedIn data:

The Key Reasons Why Golden Leads is Perfect for Scraping LinkedIn

Unmatched Safety

With Golden Leads, you can confidently run outreach campaigns without the risk of getting banned or losing your outreach profiles. Because the platform uses virtual accounts to access LinkedIn directly, keeping your profiles completely safe.

Up-To-Date Leads

Traditional lead providers update their databases periodically. With Golden Leads, you’ll always get fresh, up-to-date leads as the platform taps directly into LinkedIn’s data in real-time. And you only need to pay 0.7 cents per lead.

Effortless Enrichment

Enriching your Sales Navigator leads with emails has always been challenging. Simply copy your Sales Nav search URL or LinkedIn profile IDs, and Golden Leads will take care of the rest. You won’t have to deal with CSVs, buggy Chrome plugins, or outsourced VAs. You will be ready for cold email campaigns in just two clicks.

Find Open Profiles with 100% Accuracy

LinkedIn users with open profiles are more receptive to outreach, making them valuable targets for your campaigns. Golden Leads is the only tool to identify open profiles with 100% accuracy, giving you an outreach advantage over competitors.

Target Active Users

Active LinkedIn users have 3-4X higher acceptance rates to connection requests. With Golden Leads, you can easily filter and target likers, commenters, and posters to put your outreach campaign on the fast track.

Competitive Displacement

Your competitors’ followers, group members, and event attendees could be valuable leads for your business. With Golden Leads, you can filter and target these leads for your competitive displacement campaigns.

Key benefits of Golden Leads

  • Intuitive: Simple user interface made for speed
  • Fast: Everything can be done with just one or two clicks
  • Accurate: 12 high-ROI data points available for every contact
  • Pay as you go: Only pay for the exact volume you use and the type of lead enrichment you need. No vendor lock-ins or expensive monthly or yearly commitments. 
  • Unlimited search results
  • Automatic email validation
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