Experience powerful data extraction to fuel your lead generation efforts

Strong outreach results always start with the right data. We  harness cutting-edge AI and real-time data insights to deliver the freshest, most accurate prospecting information.

Effortless data extraction at scale with Sales Nav Search URL 

No more manual extracting or risking getting banned. Upload your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search URL or data from Apollo into Golden Leads and we’ll scrape it for you with no restrictions at all. 

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Transform your Apollo emails into trusted data with waterfall validation

Enhance your Apollo email lists with our waterfall validation, ensuring accuracy and reliability through multiple checks. Reach more contacts and generate more revenue. 

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Get access to risk-free, accurate, and high-volume data extraction

Leverage our proprietary LinkedIn profiles for risk-free, accurate lead extraction from Sales Nav, providing real-time data points without risking your profile.

We leverage AI for enhanced data extraction and analysis

Our AI sifts through LinkedIn and Apollo to pinpoint precise, relevant details for your outreach, delivering leads that are not only current and accurate but also tailored for increased engagement and meetings.


Golden Leads Capabilities

Sales Nav Search URL

We remove all of the headache in the LinkedIn extraction process. Simply give us your search URL with all of your filters for your target audience. We’ll extract it for you and give it back with the leads enriched.

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Open InMail Status Enrichment

Discover LinkedIn users eager to connect and target receptive profiles that welcome free InMails, giving you a strategic edge in your outreach efforts.

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Extract company followers for data goldmine

We are the only solution in the market that allows the extraction of followers of any LinkedIn company page so you can discover untapped opportunities.

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Your data’s safety and compliance is our top priority

You never have to worry about data security or privacy issues. Our methods adhere to the highest standards of data protection and legal compliance, giving you peace of mind.


We are completely flexible to your needs

Zero risk to your account

Never worry about getting your account banned or campaign delayed again. Unlike other companies, we use our farm of Linkedin avatars so your profile is never at risk. 

High volume & unlimited extraction

Experience Unlimited Data Extraction with GoldenLeads, offering an impressive 10,000 searches per query for extensive lead generation

No monthly commitments

No more stress about getting locked into an annual plan with no way of opting out. With Golden Leads, we only win if you win. We offer flexible pricing to suit your needs.

Supercharge your end-to-end lead generation efforts with less effort

Our Lead Management platform helps you directly reach your target audience risk-free, with accuracy, and at scale with high-volume. Spend less effort with everything in one place and watch your outreach campaigns skyrocket.