Streamline your sales process with direct data integration

Our integration streamlines your sales process within your current tools, eliminating manual input and workflow disruptions for a smoother transition to action. 

Golden Leads seamlessly connects with a range of data destination tools

How it works

Prepare your data

You should already have your roster of companies, contact information, and any unique data fields neatly compiled in Golden Leads. This collection is crucial as it’s poised for direct integration with campaign manage tools to ensure your outreach campaigns are primed for success from the get-go.

Next, choose the sales enablement or campaign management tool that best fits your strategy, whether it’s SmartLead, SalesLoft, Instantly, Outreach or similar. Golden Leads seamlessly connects with a wide range of platforms, giving you the flexibility to sync your prepared data with the tool that aligns with your sales and marketing goals. 

Connect data to your sales tools with the click of a button

Our platform makes exporting your contacts to essential sales enablement tools effortless. Whether it’s SmartLead, Instantly, Outreach, or SalesLoft, prepare your data once and watch as it flawlessly integrates, empowering your sales strategy with precision.

Effortless synchronization for a unified sales approach

Once set up, our integration keeps your campaign management and sales enablement tools up to date with the latest data, automatically syncing new information as it becomes available.


Your one stop solution for all things lead generation

Experience the ease of consolidating your lead gen processes with Golden Leads, eliminating the hassle of using multiple tools.