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Stop paying for state leads and hitting the limits of Sales Navigator searches. Build unlimited lead lists, find open profiles and hidden active users, all with zero risk.

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Zero risk

No monthly commitments

Trusted by over 30 Agencies and 900 Enterprise users

Stop wasting time doing multiple searches on Sales Nav

With over 700m contacts, LinkedIn is the undisputed king of B2B lead databases. But there’s two big problems.

Sales Navigator caps your search results to only 2,500 profiles. Meanwhile, the tools which can bypass this limit, come with constant ban risks – a costly and embarrassing error for every lead generation agency.

Golden Leads is the software key which finally unlocks Sales Navigator. You get the best outreach results, with none of the risk of getting banned.


The most efficient and seamless Linkedin Scraper

Never lose your outreach account

Using Golden Leads makes your LinkedIn outreach 100% ban proof. Because our software uses our virtual accounts to access LinkedIn directly, your outreach profiles are never put at risk. You won’t be afraid of losing your profiles, or worry about weeks going by where you can’t run campaigns.

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Stop paying for stale leads

Everyone is hitting up the same contacts, using the same tools  (Apol-cough). If you use traditional lead providers, which only periodically update their databases, you’re already working with stale results. Golden Leads is different. We tap directly into LinkedIn data in real-time so you get the most up-to-date leads for the best outreach results, all from only 0.7 cents per lead.

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Enrichment on easy mode

Ever wished you could enrich your Sales Nav leads with emails? Golden Leads does exactly this. All you need to do is copy your Sales Nav search url or LinkedIn profile IDs. No more staring at CSVs, relying on buggy Chrome plugins, or outsourcing to VAs. In two clicks you’re ready for cold email campaigns. 

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Find every open profile for free InMails

LinkedIn users with open profiles are the most receptive to outreach and let you send free InMails. Finding them gives you an outreach advantage! Golden Leads is the only tool which can ID open profiles with 100% accuracy (we’ve tested this with millions of data points). Every other outreach tool misses 10-15% of open profiles and throws out 20-30% false positives on the ones they do find.

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Contact hidden active users

Active LinkedIn users are those who post, like, comment, or share in the last 30 days. They have 3-4X higher acceptance rates to connection requests. With Sales Nav spotlights, you can only filter for posters, even though likers and commenters make up 60-75% of all active users. Golden Leads finds every active user, putting you on the outreach fast-track.

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Farm competitors’ leads

Your competition on LinkedIn has stacks of warm leads in their company followers, group members, and event attendees.  Now you can quickly filter and target any of these leads for your own competitive displacement campaigns.

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Real-time lead data at your fingertips

Golden Leads combines a simple UI with the latest in AI and real-time data to get you up-to-date prospecting information using only your Sales Navigator search url.

Intuitive: simple user interface made for speed

Fast: everything can be done with just one or two clicks

Accurate: 12 high-ROI data points available for every contact


Linkedin Data can get messy. We identify the false positives.

Getting tired of old and overpriced data? Try Golden Leads today.

Create your account in only 60 seconds

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We are completely flexible to your needs

Zero risk to your account

Never worry about getting your account banned or campaign delayed again. Unlike other companies, we use Linkedin avatars so your profile is never at risk.

No monthly commitments

No more stress about getting locked into an annual plan with no way of opting out. With Golden Leads, we only win if you win. We offer flexible pricing to suit your needs.

Pay as you go

We know how frustrating it is to pay for expensive solutions in the market that don’t offer the best value with stale data.

Affordable Pricing – Pay as you go

Whether you’re a solopreneur, small business, or agency, only pay for the exact volume and type of lead enrichment you need, with no lock-in or expensive yearly commitments. Pay as you use and quit at any time.


Turn any Sales Navigator search url into the key lead data you actually need and blast through the 2,500 cap on search results.

0.7 cents per result

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • LinkedIn profile ID
  • LinkedIn company ID
Bolt-on options


Bolt-on option 1. Enrich Golden Leads’ unlimited sales nav search results with 100% identification of all open profiles.

0.2 cents per result


Bolt-on option 2. Enrich Golden Leads’ unlimited sales nav search results with filters for all active users (liked, commented, and/or posted in the last 30 days).

0.4 cents per result


Bolt-on option 3. Enrich Golden Leads’ unlimited sales nav search results with valid or risky (catch-all) emails to start omni-channel outreach.

1 cents per request


Input any LinkedIn Company Page url and get leads for all the company followers.

3 cents per result +
1 cents per email request


Input any LinkedIn Group Page url and get leads for all the group members.

5 cents per result +
1 cents per email email request


Input any LinkedIn Event Page url and get leads for all the event attendees.

5 cents per result +
1 cents per email request

All are billed by search.


Sales Nav Apoll-who Chrome Extensions
Ban proof Yes Yes Yes No
Unlimited search results Yes No Yes No
Real-time leads Yes Yes No No
Email addresses Yes No Yes Varies
Automatic email validation Yes No No Varies
Find all open profiles with no false positives Yes No No No
Filter by all types of active user (post, like, comment) Yes No No No
Target company followers, groups & event attendees Yes No No No

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