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With over 700m contacts, LinkedIn is the undisputed king of B2B lead databases.

But there are two big problems:

Sales Navigator caps your search results to only 2,500 profiles.

Tools that can bypass this limit come with constant ban risks – a costly and embarrassing error for every lead generation agency.

Golden Leads is the software key which finally unlocks Sales Navigator. You get the best outreach results, with none of the risk of getting banned.

The most efficient and seamless cloud-based LinkedIn Data Extractor

Never lose your outreach account

Our unique cloud-based solution uses virtual accounts to access LinkedIn directly.

100% peace of mind

No risk of getting your profile restricted

No more delayed campaigns

Stop paying for stale leads

Traditional lead providers only periodically update their databases and provide stale results unlike Golden Leads that taps directly into LinkedIn data in real-time.

Real-time Linkedin data

Accurate and up-to-date leads

Untapped contacts

Farm competitors’ leads

Target leads from your competitors by gaining info from contacts in their company followers, group members, and event attendees.

Launch powerful displacement campaigns

Access warm leads pre-filtered for you

Enjoy 3X higher engagement

See yourself, how Golden Leads can help your business

See why Golden Leads outperforms every single time

LinkedIn Sales Nav Chrome based extractors
Daily search limit Unlimited 5 1
Restriction proof Yes No No
Open InMail status Yes No No
Detecting false positives Yes No No
Target company followers, groups & event attendees Yes No No
API access Yes No No
Email enrichment Yes No No
Traditional email validation Coming soon No No
Risky email validation Coming soon No No
Filter by all types of active user (post, like, comment) Coming soon No No
LinkedIn headlines and about section Yes Yes No

Have a look at how you can use GoldenLeads

Real-time lead data at your fingertips

Golden Leads combines a simple UI with the latest in AI and real-time data to get you up-to-date prospecting information using only your Sales Navigator search url.

Intuitive: simple user interface made for speed

Fast: everything can be done with just one or two clicks

Accurate: 18 high-ROI data points available for every contact


LinkedIn data can get messy. We identify the false positives.

Navigating LinkedIn data often comes back with inaccurate “false positives,” wasting your time and hurting your campaign performance. We enable you to filter and clean out these inaccuracies around title, industry, and location. ensuring you pursue only genuine, relevant leads. Streamline your outreach with precision and efficiency.

Search can come back with up to 34% of false positives

We identify close to 100% of these false positives

You can filter and clean out the inaccuracies


Golden Leads Capabilities

Sales Nav Search URL

We remove all of the headache in the LinkedIn extraction process. Simply give us your search URL with all of your filters for your target audience. We’ll extract it for you and give it back with the leads enriched.

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Open InMail Status Enrichment

Discover LinkedIn users eager to connect and target receptive profiles that welcome free InMails, giving you a strategic edge in your outreach efforts.

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Extract company followers for data goldmine

We are the only solution in the market that allows the extraction of followers of any LinkedIn company page so you can discover untapped opportunities.

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We are completely flexible to your needs

High volume & unlimited extraction

Experience Unlimited Data Extraction with GoldenLeads, as long as your searches queries are under 2,500 results.

Zero risk to your account

Never worry about getting your account banned or campaign delayed again. Unlike other companies, we use our farm of Linkedin avatars so your profile is never at risk. 

No monthly commitments

No more stress about getting locked into an annual plan with no way of opting out. With Golden Leads, we only win if you win. We offer flexible pricing to suit your needs.


Whether you’re a solopreneur, small business, or agency, only pay for the exact volume and type of lead enrichment you need, with no lock-in or expensive yearly commitments. Pay as you use and quit at any time.

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Start generating more engaging leads on autopilot and at scale

It’s time to finally ditch buggy Chrome extensions and the traditional yet expensive solutions in the market to generate leads. Get accurate leads today.

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