We use our own LinkedIn Profiles to extract contacts

Discover how Golden Leads works in 5 simple steps

Provide us your LinkedIn or Apollo data and we’ll take care of the rest

Start by either inputting your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search URL or data from Apollo through the Golden Leads platform and let us handle the rest.

Experience powerful data extraction

If you use LinkedIn Sales Nav for your data, we will dive deep and extract several data points by leveraging our own proprietary LinkedIn profiles to get you real-time and accurate leads.

Waterfall enrichment and validation to maximize accuracy

Your data gets passed through multiple methods of enrichment and validation using our unique waterfall based integrations to make it as rich and clean as possible. 

Seamlessly upload into your campaign management tool

Streamline your workflow with one-click connections to automation and sales tools like Instantly or SmartLead, eliminating the need for multiple software.

Have a look at how you can use GoldenLeads

Would need realistic AI-generated avatars to quickly scale your LinkedIn and email outreach?

Start generating more engaging leads on autopilot and at scale

It’s time to finally ditch buggy and risky Chrome extensions and the traditional yet expensive solutions in the market to generate leads. Get accurate leads today.

Enjoy effortless data extraction at scale with Sales Nav Search URL

No more spending hours doing tedious manual data extraction and risking your account getting banned. Generate unlimited lead lists at scale without worrying about restrictions so you can generate more pipeline and booked deals.