Enjoy effortless data extraction at scale with Sales Nav Search URL

No more spending hours doing tedious manual extraction and risking your account getting banned. Generate unlimited lead lists at scale without worrying about restrictions so you can generate more pipeline and booked deals. 

Give us your search URL and we’ll extract it for you

We remove all of the headache in the LinkedIn extraction process. Simply give us your search URL with all of your filters for your target audience. We’ll extract it for you and give it back so you can spend more time on your business. 

Never worry about restrictions or bans again

We know the frustration of being limited to one extraction a day on LinkedIn. And if you try to do more? Your account can get restricted or even worse, banned. We eliminate all of that risk and manage the end-to-end process for you. 

Say goodbye to false positives. Enjoy genuine, relevant leads

Navigating LinkedIn data often leads to inaccurate “false positives,” wasting your time. Golden Leads expertly filters out these inaccuracies, ensuring you pursue only genuine, relevant leads. Streamline your outreach with precision and efficiency.

Ditch buggy Chrome plugins or staring at CSVs for good  

Unlike other solutions in the market, Golden Leads offers an intuitive platform experience where in a matter of a few clicks, you’re set to go for your cold email campaigns. Enjoy generating lead lists on autopilot with the click of a button.

We are completely flexible to your needs

High volume & unlimited data extraction

Experience Unlimited Data Extraction with GoldenLeads, as long as your searches queries are under 2,500 results.

Zero risk to your account

Never worry about getting your account banned or campaign delayed again. Unlike other companies, we use Linkedin avatars so your profile is never at risk.

No monthly commitments

No more stress about getting locked into an annual plan with no way of opting out. With Golden Leads, we only win if you win. We offer flexible pricing to suit your needs.

Generate high-engagement leads with less effort

Our LinkedIn Sales Nav Data Extractor helps you filter out the noise, connecting you directly with high-engagement leads. Spend less effort and watch your conversion rates soar.