Unlock the power of tailored searches with Sales Nav Saved Search URL

You can submit your lead list that you’ve generated from another solution and we’ll extract it for you with personalized, account-specific results. Experience searches like never before.

We integrate seamlessly into your lead gen workflow

You can take your predefined list of target accounts and upload them directly into Golden Leads. We’ll conduct searches tailored just for you with precision targeting designed with your unique needs in mind.

Exclusive and refined results just for your business

Every business has unique needs. With our Saved Search URL feature, get results exclusive to your specific search. No more sifting through generic results; get the leads that matter most to your business.

We safely tap into your profile without risks

We prioritize your privacy. Provide us with minimal credentials, and we’ll access your Sales Navigator results securely. No hassles, no worries – just effortless lead list building so you can focus on your core competencies.

Why settle for broad search when you can go specific?

While global searches offer vast results, our feature ensures you get the exact leads you’re after. It’s the difference between using a net and a spear. Target precisely, achieve better.

Generate high-converting leads without the hassle

With the Sales Nav Searched URL,, target the right audience and ensure every lead isn’t just a contact, but a potential conversion. Say goodbye to tedious processes and hello to seamless, high-converting lead generation.

Enjoy effortless data extraction at scale with Sales Nav Search URL

No more spending hours doing tedious manual extraction and risking your account getting banned. Generate unlimited lead lists at scale without worrying about restrictions so you can generate more pipeline and booked deals.