Supercharge your outreach and target truly active users

Why limit your outreach to just posters? Amplify your connection rates and place your outreach on the fast-track with Golden Leads.

Enjoy 3-4X higher acceptance rates to connection requests

An active LinkedIn user isn’t just someone who posts. The real action lies in those who engage—those who like, comment, share, and make the platform thrive. These are the individuals with 3-4X higher acceptance rates to connection requests. They’re involved, they’re listening, and they’re waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking.

Expand the limitations of Sales Nav Spotlights

With Sales Nav spotlights, you’re only scratching the surface by filtering for posters. But did you know? Likers and commenters represent a whopping 60-75% of all active users. By ignoring this massive segment, you’re missing out on a huge pool of potential leads.

Fast-track your outreach strategy

Time is of the essence. With Golden Leads, you’re not just getting a list—you’re getting a strategy. By targeting users who are truly active and engaged, you’re ensuring that your outreach efforts are met with higher acceptance rates, leading to more meaningful connections and conversations.

We help you land that next big conversation

Every active user is a golden opportunity. And we ensure you don’t miss a single one. Whether they’re sharing an industry insight, commenting on the latest trends, or simply liking a colleague’s achievement, we find them for you.

Enjoy high-converting, accurate, and real-time leads

Utilize our advanced features to craft hyper-personalized campaigns that resonate deeply. Transform each outreach into a tailored conversation, ensuring relevance and impactful connections.

Enjoy effortless data extraction at scale with Sales Nav Search URL

No more spending hours doing tedious manual extraction and risking your account getting banned. Generate unlimited lead lists at scale without worrying about restrictions so you can generate more pipeline and booked deals.