Your Golden Key to LinkedIn Data

The Problem

Traditional Data Providers (e.g. ZoomInfo, Apollo and Cognism) have old & stale data.

Chrome-Based Extensions for Scraping (e.g. PhantomBuster) are restrictive and risk getting your LinkedIn account banned.

LinkedIn has the best & freshest Contact Data but risky and limited to Scrape Data at Scale and you don’t get emails.

The Solution

Golden Leads can Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator at scale & high-volume

No need to worry about the cap of 2,500 results per search

Zero risk to your account because we’re using our accounts to scrape

Golden Leads Capabilities

Sales Nav Search URL

We remove all of the headache in the LinkedIn scraping process. Simply give us your search URL with all of your filters for your target audience. We’ll scrape it for you and give it back with the leads enriched.

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Open InMail Status Enrichment

Discover LinkedIn users eager to connect and target receptive profiles that welcome free InMails, giving you a strategic edge in your outreach efforts.

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Scrape company followers for data goldmine

We are the only solution in the market that allows scraping of followers of any LinkedIn company page so you can discover untapped opportunities.

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Start generating more engaged leads on autopilot and at scale

It’s time to finally ditch buggy Chrome extensions and the traditional yet expensive solutions in the market to generate leads. Get accurate leads today.

LinkedIn Sales Nav Chrome based Scrapers
Daily search limit Unlimited 5 1
Results per search > 10 000 > 2 500 > 2 500
Restriction proof Yes No No
Open InMail status Yes No No
Detecting false positives Yes No No
Target company followers, groups & event attendees Yes No No
API access Yes No No
Email enrichment Coming soon No No
Traditional email validation Coming soon No No
Risky email validation Coming soon No No
Filter by all types of active user (post, like, comment) Coming soon No No

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