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The most efficient and seamless cloud-based LinkedIn Data Extractor

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Trusted by over 30 agencies and 900 enterprise users

Real-time lead data at your fingertips

Golden Leads combines a simple UI with the latest in AI and real-time data to get you up-to-date prospecting information using only your Sales Navigator search url.

LinkedIn data can get messy. We identify the false positives.

Navigating LinkedIn data often comes back with inaccurate “false positives,” wasting your time and hurting your campaign performance. We enable you to filter and clean out these inaccuracies around title, industry, and location. ensuring you pursue only genuine, relevant leads. Streamline your outreach with precision and efficiency.

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Why GoldenLeads

See why Golden Leads outperforms every single time

Sales Nav Evaboot Phantom Buster Apollo
Ban proof Yes Yes No No Yes
Real-time leads Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Email addresses Coming soon No Yes No Yes
Traditional email validation Coming soon No Yes No Yes
Risky email validation Coming soon No No No No
Detecting false positives Yes No Yes No No
Filter by all types of active user (post, like, comment) Coming soon No No No No
Target company followers, groups & event attendees Yes No No No No

What types of traffic affiliates can run?


Blog Articles

Banner ads





Review Sites

Price comparison sites

Or take your advertising efforts to the next level with TV, billboards, or even space ads!

GoldenLeads Features

The most efficient and seamless cloud-based LinkedIn Data Extractor

High volume & unlimited extraction

Experience Unlimited Data Extraction with GoldenLeads, offering an impressive 10,000 searches per query for extensive lead generation

Zero risk to your account

Never worry about getting your account banned or campaign delayed again. Unlike other companies, we use our farm of Linkedin avatars so your profile is never at risk. 

No monthly commitments

No more stress about getting locked into an annual plan with no way of opting out. With Golden Leads, we only win if you win. We offer flexible pricing to suit your needs.

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We offer a 20% commission on revenue generated through new users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Get an answer!

Golden Leads is a LinkedIn sales navigator data extraction tool that helps companies pull leads as per their requirements.
You can extract as many leads as you want without worrying about your accounts getting restricted.
You will get the following details once the extraction is completed.
  • Profile Url
  • Unique Profile ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Title
  • Company Name
  • Company Description
  • Tenure at Company
  • Company LinkedIn URL
  • Company Industry
  • Company Website
  • Company Location
  • Company Employee count
  • Company Head count range
  • Company HQ Location.
Once the order has been submitted from your end, the scraping will be completed in under 1 hour.
You can get as many leads as you want to be extracted in a day. But you can extract a maximum of 2500 leads using one search link. Want to do have more? Reach out to us at [email protected]
Yes, feel free to reach out for support and they can provide access to the API based on your eligibility.
Yes, you can do that but that facility is not implemented with this App. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to extract followers of a company.
You can purchase extra credits once you exceed your monthly quota.
Yes, the credits will be rolled over every month as long as the subscription is active.
Free credits are awarded for new users for Data Extraction. If you would like to have data enriched with emails, you can do it inside the application.
In this video, you can see how to convert your saved searches into generalized URLs. By following a few simple steps, you can easily create a URL that can be used for scraping. See here: SEE VIDEO
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